What’s on the menu tonight? I don’t care. I’m prepared for everything.


We design clothes with purpose to act on impulse! Produced in Gleisdorf – locally, sustainably and fair.

Follow your gut and seize every moment! Life is full of surprises, challenges and opportunities. Every day is different, so are your needs. LOTalife provides you with the freedom to act spontaneously. Your wants and needs change, so does your outfit. Each piece has multi-style options and can be used for various occasions. It is adaptable to your styling over time, which expands its life-cycle considerably.


As you can see, sustainability is given at different levels. The whole concept of LOTalife is driven by reduction

- minimal waste of garment due to the material-saving patterns.

- low carbon footprint in transportation because of the local production.
- a high level of variability leads to a low level of consumption necessities.